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The time has come to leave everything behind. 

With two cursed pistols in hand and an unlikely destination, you are on a journey to survive the end of the world. Five other people, strung along by fate, will join you with one shared goal in mind: being able to live another day.

You have one simple task, keep pushing forward and never look back.

This games` soundtrack is entirely made by me with Music Maker Jam. I really hope enjoy it. With all of that being said, I hope you enjoy my game.


Ash (EX Demo) 353 MB

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I really liked this game so far! It's an interesting plot and I enjoy the art and music! There was a glitch that prevented me from going into the Pass after defeating the Pink Wasps, so I was unable to play anymore, but what I did play I was impressed by! Good job!

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I am glad you enjoyed my game. 

I do apologize for the typos and the issues with the face graphic for the window. Also, I am pretty upset by the major bug that kept you from entering the pass. Major oversight on my part.

Stay tuned for the extended demo and the full game if you are willing to stick around for it.